Steve Pack and Adam Mills first met during high school in Sydney, Australia, but it wasn't until 23 years later when they decided to start a company together. It all began when Steve's nephew got an iPad for Christmas and was spending all his time playing Minecraft, which led to constant arguments at home. After his sister's plea for help, Steve researched available resources and after unsuccessful results he decided to make his own. Both him and Adam quit their jobs and started working on the prototype, experimenting on a number of hardware and software platforms, as well as different user interfaces to make the KoalaSafe experience ultra simple. Word spread quickly and soon they couldn't keep up assembling the boxes one by one. They joined a startup accelerator, raised $100,000 on Kickstarter and launched the product in August 2015.

Since then they've helped 1000s of families around the world establish happy, healthy digital environments. KoalaSafe now ships in over 21 countries across North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Steven Pack

CEO and Co-founder


15 year career in IT, finance and investment banks.


Steven is responsible for the vision and direction of KoalaSafe, as well as having overall oversight of the sales and marketing team, vendor relationships and all financial matters at KoalaSafe.

Adam Mills

Head of Technology and Co-Founder


15 year career in startups, financial IT and corporate consulting


Adam is responsible for the products you all know and love. From the mobile apps, router, and all the cloud wizardry that makes KoalaSafe possible, you can thank Adam. He hangs out a lot at the discussion forum getting new ideas from our customers

Viktoriya Gaponski

Marketing Manager


6 years in Marketing with a degree in Journalism.


Viktoriya is responsible for brainstorming and executing creative growth strategies. From content creation to campaign management, she gives voice and a bow tie to Koala.


Distribution enquiries should be forwarded to hello@koalasafe.com