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Hardware. Controlled by an app or web page.

No. Just your parental device. That's the whole point, access is controlled on the network so, so your kids can't just uninstall it like many parental control apps.

No, just one device for the home.

No. It's a one-off purchase.

Circle uses a trick called "ARP Poisoning" to tell every device in your home that they should send their data to the Circle device instead of the Internet. The problem with that approach is:

  • The device becomes a bottleneck, whereby all internet traffic must go through the Circle, including parent devices

  • You may have privacy concerns if you parent browsing goes through a filtering device

KoalaSafe creates a separate network kids, so parents and children have a completely separate experience. On your kids network, you control time, content and can monitor it. For parents, nothing changes - no filtering or monitoring between you and the Internet.

Yes. Any WIFI connected device works. iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Gaming consoles, Kindles etc. etc.

Yes. There is an ethernet port to plug a wired device into. Or, you can plug in a switch (in bridge mode) if you want to control more than one.

Yes, there's a specific category for Proxy Servers and VPNs. Plus, like all our filtering, it improves weekly as we categorize new sites, and as parents submit sites for review.

No, KoalaSafe plugs into your existing router and creates a new wireless network for your kids.

Yes! The unit plugs into your home router using the ethernet cable, which is the same around the world. We also stock US, UK, Europe and Australian power adapters and will include the appropriate one based on your shipping country.

We offer 30 days for change of mind and 1 year for hardware