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What do the lights mean?

Powering on
System check
KoalaSafe connecting
Low Power
KoalaSafe is powering up. It takes about 60 seconds.
KoalaSafe is preparing to start.
KoalaSafe is connecting to the cloud
From the left to right (in above image) the lights are Router Connection (WAN), Ethernet Connection (LAN) and the red light is WIFI. If the light is on then a cable is connected (or for WIFI it means it is on), if it is flashing then communication on that connection is occurring.
KoalaSafe has lost its connection to the internet. This can happen if there is a temporary drop in your internet service. If it has not connected within 60 seconds check all cables and ensure your internet service is working.
KoalaSafe is upgrading its firmware, change made in the app maybe delayed whilst this occurs.
KoalaSafe is under-powered. Try using a new wall outlet and power adapter.