Our friends at tinybeans help to bring your family closer together. The Tinybeans Baby Journal records your moments, safely shares them with selected friends and family, and provides the resources you need to help your child grow with boundless opportunities.


Our friends at Kinderloop let you keep your children's loved ones in the loop with news, photos and learning outcomes in real time.


Our friends at Brili have taken routine management to the next level, with their visual schedule for kids

KoalaSafe was started to help our own families cope with the struggle of balancing technology use in the home. Having had successful careers in IT, building banking and marketing software, we felt we could use our skills to build something a little more meaningful; KoalaSafe was born.

While KoalaSafe helps with an important issue in modern families, we understand there are families around the world facing more immediate and serious issues. That's why KoalaSafe has taken the 1% Pledge

KoalaSafe is committed to using our success to make children's lives around the world better.

KoalaSafe has committed 1% of company equity to be donated to NFP organisations setup to help children.

KoalaSafe has committed 1% of our employees time through a paid Volunteer Time Off program. Our employees can use this time and their skills to help volunteer projects in our community.

We were partly funded by Kickstarter. Some of our generous backers are listed on our champions page.